All single origin.

All uniquely delightful.

We receive all our coffees from small independent coffee producers in Colombia, where the coffee cherries are handpicked when they are purple-reddish in colour to ensure sweet and aromatic flavours. These coffee beans produce the best "cafés de olleta", which is the way we drink coffee in Colombia and the best way to taste the different characteristics. Our coffees offer a mix of Guanábana and Raspberry acidity and are always sweet - offering quite a unique taste. Unsurprisingly, Colombian coffees or “Mild Colombian Coffee” is a benchmark name used in stock markets worldwide.


Keep up to date with stories from our coffee-growing communities in Colombia, new varieties from our farmers and more...

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At The Colombian Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we've built with the small independent coffee-producing families that care for and nurture the trees that produce our single origin coffee varieties, one by one, just for you. 


We deliver straight to your door! So all you have to do is make the difficult choice of which of our unique and satisfying varieties you'd like to drink.


Our story.


ethical and beyond fairtrade

Having lived and grown up in Colombia for many years, we saw first hand the devastating impact of deadly violence on coffee growing communities. Seeing the intermediaries in the supply chain taking farmers' profits and big corporations managing economies of scale to drive market prices down, we knew we had to do something.


We started The Colombian Coffee Co. to introduce the wonderful taste of Colombian single variety coffee to the UK while supporting our farmers and families, beyond the impact of Fairtrade.


Our locations.

Come and visit us!

You can pick up your very own cup or pack of our unique single origin variety coffee at our stall at Borough Market or at our roastery at Arch 34, Union Street, Flat Iron Square!​

Coffee tastings

Interested in tasting the true spirit of our Colombian coffee while learning how to prepare it yourself? Email us.



We now also offer unique and bespoke catering services for events! Interested? Get in touch.