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We are true coffee artisans driven by our love for single-origin coffee beans. Shifting focus from technology to culture, our approach is sharing the Colombian coffee drinking culture made unique by its focus on nature, cloudy mountains, and small roads.  In the mountains, our farmers don't have access to fancy Italian espresso machines or apps on how to brew the perfect cup.  They simply enjoy coffee in its purest form: cafés de Olleta sweetened with panela, an amazing home-made sugar obtained from the evaporation of cane juice, pure and unrefined.  Colombian coffee beans are brewed in the most natural way for an authentic specialty coffee experience.


We only care for single-origin coffee varieties.  Good wine does not represent a country - wines would simply never be called ‘Spanish’ or ‘French’.  Good wines focus on the variety of the grape (for example, Shiraz or Merlot) and the region it comes from.  In the same way, Colombian coffee is not a kind of coffee – coffees marked ‘Colombian’ are not necessarily single-origin varieties.


We like to give a bit more information about the provenance of our coffee beans.  We like to talk about the special characteristics of our different single-origin varieties: Caturra, Borbón, Tabi, Gesha, and more.

We bring you our authentic Colombian coffee beans while having a positive impact on the farmers and communities that grew them, going beyond Fairtrade to promote ethical sourcing, biodiversity and sustainability. We make a difference and change lives.


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