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What we do

As a Colombian-led social enterprise we have always worked closely with London’s Colombian diaspora and coffee growers in Colombia. Over the years we came to know the many struggles confronting these communities.


Finally, we are launching a charity working both here in London and back home in Colombia, to address the issues we encountered over the years head on.


Our Vision

In London, our mission is to support Colombian migrants to feel at home in the UK. This means being a resource for information, offering vocational training, and fostering community. In Colombia, we want to support coffee farmers to increase their livelihoods by providing resources and training to maximise the prices they can achieve for their coffee. 

Our Long Term Goals

  • Offer a Speciality Coffee Association Foundation course to Colombian immigrants isolated from the regular labour market

  • Establish ourselves as a point of contact for Colombian immigrants to give guidance on the UK labour market and labour rights, to provide contact information for organisations offering language courses and legal support and to pass on details of potential employment opportunities

  • Provide processing equipment and knowledge on different processing methods to independent farmers allowing them to maximise the value of their coffee. 

  • Inform the UK public of the struggles Colombian coffee growing communities face: coffee’s price volatility, climate change, the fallout from the conflict, continuing political struggles, health risks, …

Our Past Projects

Through the work of The Colombian Coffee Company as a Social Enterprise, we’ve amassed experience  in working with farming communities in Colombia. Our work was always guided by the belief that by improving farmers' understanding of coffee as a consumer good on Western markets, production can be optimised to maximise the prices they can achieve. For this, we’ve organised coffee cupping sessions and shared our knowledge of the specialty coffee market to inform farmers of the value of their work and products. 


Get involved!

up next...

Our 1st Coffee Social: Tardecita de Café

5th of November 2023, 16:00 @The Colombian Coffee Company, Flat Iron Square, 87 Southwark Bridge Rd

Join us to connect and share stories while discovering our coffee varieties and enjoying some Colombian snacks!

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