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This sweet and delicate specialty coffee is now available in single origin coffee bags.


This varietal was developed in 2005 by the Colombian coffee research institute, CENICAFE, to prevent the spread of La Roya, a fungus that attacks the leaves of coffee trees.  It is a cross-fertilisation between Caturra (the male parent) and a hybrid of Timor (the female parent), whose thick leaves enable it to withstand La Roya.

Order the highly in-demand coffee beans variety today!


It is currently the most widespread plant grown in Colombia and is mainly produced in large commercial coffee plantations in the traditional coffee growing area or “Eje Cafetero”.

It is a small tree a bit taller than Caturras with long branches, big leaves and large coffee beans.


In the past, it has failed to produce high-quality grades - but small scale farmers are now experimenting, for example, by using natural drying methods rather than the traditional washed process. As a result, some are producing some outstanding Castillos with delicate, sweet notes. And these are the ones we bring to you.

Head on over to our Coffee shop at Flat Iron Square, or order it online and enjoy at your home.

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