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Our natural decaffeination process combines high mountain spring water and Ethyl Acetate of natural origin. Ethyl Acetate is present in every coffee cherry in its natural state (as well as in many fruits and vegetables). Therefore, we are not adding any synthetic chemical substance!


The natural Ethyl Acetate is obtained from a sugar cane-based process and is, together with spring water, the only other element coffee gets in contact with.


This water-Ethyl Acetate process allows for gentle extraction of the caffeine from the bean, avoiding excessive heat or pressure, maintaining the natural structure and all characteristics of the coffee bean.


Ethyl Acetate is also naturally present in fruits and vegetables. A ripe banana contains 20 times more EA than our decaffeinated coffee.
Coffee has more than 1,000 components, caffeine is only one. 

Castillo: Decaf - Wholesale

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