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Traditional Colombian markets

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This is the lively, energising market in Honda, Tolima, by the river Magdalena. Originally, Honda was inhabited by the Indigenous Ondaima and Gualie peoples for over 500 years, until they were conquered in 1539 by the Spanish travelling up Magdalena river, Colombia's largest river. Honda is just northwest of Bogotá and is known for being super hot and lined with big old colonial houses (especially famous is cobblestoned street Calle de las Trampas).

What makes the market particularly special is that it used to be a convent so its architectural arches and columns surround the indoor Market Square. There's also a renowned museum in Honda - Museo del Río Magdalena - portraying traditional Colombian stories about River Magdalena. One such story is El Mohan: masters of the rivers in Colombia, Lord of all fish alongside other traditional Colombian stories. El Mohan in particular represents water nature and good fishing practices for the town.

Tolima is also well known in speciality coffee circles, and Honda is surrounded by an abundance of coffee farms. With it's beautiful mountains, valleys, and green forestry it is the perfect heat for growing coffee, bananas, oranges and other kinds of fruits.

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