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Traditional Colombian hot chocolate

When it comes to hot chocolate we Colombians take it seriously. We don’t use instant powders we actually use raw cacao! And a bit of panela mixed with a soya dough to make it compact. Part of the secret is the slow cooking in a traditional Olleta and melted with a molinillo. The result of this is queues of people gathering around our stall in Borough Market to get a glimpse of our way of preparing hot chocolate. So many people keep asking us about the way we brew our hot chocolates that we decided to put it here on a short video shot at our Roastery in Flat Iron Square. The music we had in the background was just perfect, so we decided to leave it as it was: “Morrocoyo" by the traditional Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto. This guys are a total institution within the Colombian traditional folklore, hopefully they will accept our invitation to play in London! We´ll keep you updated!

Btw, Morrocoyo means Tortuga (Tortoise).

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