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Bye bye paper cups!

Colombian Coffee - Porcelain Cups

We have finally found a revolutionary idea to help reduce the westage of paper cups in our shop in Borough Market. Perhaps you didn’t know but it takes the cutting of 100.000 trees to produce the paper cups used in the UK coffee industry in 1 year. Yep, quite impressive!

So, we thought: what if we simply got back to the beautiful vintage porcelain tradition from our ancestors? Besides, there are a few pleasures left to us by the rapid changing times in our consumerist society.

Drinking coffee from a porcelain cup is definitely an important pleasure in Colombia were we enjoy a humble yet luxurious coffee culture. We would like to invite you to help us enjoy our favourite cuppa in a more responsible way while allowing us to drink beautiful coffees without that nasty paper taste.

Join the revolution! Come to us to drink unique coffees from unique vintage porcelaine cups.

Welcome to our stall in eclectic Borough Market!

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