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Our Head Barista on his Borough Market experience

The Colombian Coffee Co. - Nigel Motley Barista

My name is Nigel Motley, I'm the Head Barista at the Colombian Coffee Company stall at Borough Market. To say the truth, when I first applied I did not know what to expect. I had been to the market before (as many locals have) but did not truly know what it would mean to be part of the market community. Working at the stall has shown me a whole new side to specialty coffee. I had previously worked in a high volume coffee shop where baristas are treated as machines, made to pump out coffees non stop. The Market vibe is the complete opposite. I have learnt that Borough Market is a very personal experience between trader and customer. Here, every customer is entitled to an experience unique to that stall. Borough market itself is in its own little world, everyone is so friendly to each other this definitely is one of the highlights at working at the market. There is such a feeling of community unlike you would get anywhere else. Sure, the weather makes it hard sometimes but who isn't up for the challenge of dialing in an espresso machine in the middle of a thundering rainstorm! To me, the best part is seeing each member of our team in their element, producing cup after cup of perfection especially in market conditions. Whether its Diana on espresso shots or Roberta our artist on Latte Art. The backbone and base of our stall is our team bond and perfectionist mentality. The toughest part would probably be the set up and close down every morning/afternoon. However, it has definitely kept me in shape moving our equipment every day! The stall has come a long way since it opened 5 months ago. It has been a complete transformation and I am glad to have seen it from the beginning. Just like our Barraquito's its 'been a coffee journey' which is far from over.

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