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Conversation with British Vogue

The Colombian Coffee Co. - British Vogue

This is how we ended up in the Liquid Assets section of British Vogue, a telephone conversation we´d like to share:

BV: Hi this is Vicky from British Vogue

CCC: British Vogue? It rings a bell...

BV: We are a fashion magazine, part of the Condé Nast Group

CCC: Oh yes, of course!

BV: We saw you at the London Coffee Festival and would like to add your coffee in our Liquid Assets section...

CCC: Cool, why not. But can I ask you, why us?

BV: Because we really liked your ethical coffee initiative... Besides, we think we share the same audience so it would be great to have your coffee as one or our chosen Liquid Assets. What do you think?

CCC: Great! Good to hear that.

BV: So, we'll be in touch soon, please send us some photos of your coffee bags. Bye, bye!

CCC: Bye Vicky.

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