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Letters from Colombia

Welcome to Letters from Colombia.

This is a new initiative from the Colombian Coffee Company. As you know, we are passionate about bringing you closer to the people and the country that make your favourite cup of coffee. So, from now on, every fortnight we will be posting a letter from someone in Colombia to bring you a taste of news, cultural issues, opinions and fashion from this exciting and diverse country.

Some of the letter writers will be our own coffee-growers and their communities. Some will be involved in social projects that we are supporting in Colombia. Some will just be from people we know in Colombia doing exciting things. We have a wide and growing network of friends and supporters… and between us we have just about every aspect of Colombian life covered?

So, if there is anything you want to know about life in Colombia this is your chance to find out! Write us an email saying what kind of issues you are interested in, and we will do our very best to get one of our writers on the case.

Are you going to Colombia soon? Have you been to Colombia? Are you in Colombia now? Let us know! Perhaps you could write a Letter from Colombia yourself.


Eduardo and the team

The Colombian Coffee Co. - Colombian Books

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