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I grew up in a home in Colombia where violence was a daily fact. I took this violence and poverty to just be a part of life. On my journey through life, I have realised that this does not have to be the case. My aim with The Colombian Coffee Company is to give something back to my country by selling its best product.


After working in London for ethical fashion brand, Eduardo founded The Colombian Coffee Company. He is in charge of business strategy and marketing.  Currently at the research and development stage, Eduardo is liaising with coffee-growers and displaced communities in Colombia. 


But you might see him very often pulling Espresso Shots in Borough Market or experimenting with new roasting profiles at our roastery in Flat Iron Square.

He is contactable for all general inquiries:





I am Taiwanese-South African and I have just completed my studies in Social Anthropology at the School of African and Oriental Studies.


I joined TCCC after hearing from our now-supervisor, but fellow classmate then, George, that there was an opportunity to work for a social enterprise/specialty coffee house. Eduardo was kind enough to take me in and train me as a barista.


I help with all aspects of online sales, marketing, and social media. I particularly enjoy writing blog posts on Colombian regions, communications outreach, and designing various informational pieces for TCCC! 

I'm contactable for all marketing & wholesale inquiries:

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I am originally from Verona, Italy. I moved to London in 2016 and have been working as a Barista since then.

When 2 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to TCCC, I was delighted to join the team.  It's well acknowledged that Italian people take pride in their coffee but since I became part of this social enterprise, I got to taste truly beautiful and fruital coffees which ended up with me loving each individual variety for their specific palette notes.

It comes without saying that I have been a huge fan of these single-origin Colombian coffees we have since day 1.

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I am an International Politics graduate, born and bred in Stockholm (Sweden) but since long relocated to this City of Dreams, London.

Things are done differently at the TCCC. The sense of community makes the TCCC a space for breathing, away from the intensity of life in the metropolis that we all love as much as we struggle to cope under its weight. The TCCC experience, equally as a staff member and as a customer, is one of curiosity, compassion, and, above all, a shared love for this planet and its peoples that transcend the desire for economic growth.





I have lived and worked in Colombia and seen first-hand the devastating impact of violence on families and communities. I have a positive memory of my time in Colombia – which is how great the coffee was. I am passionate about dignified development rather than hand-outs, and that is why I am involved in this project, which seeks to help disadvantaged people in Colombia by selling an excellent product.


She has 20 years of experience working in the voluntary and social enterprise sectors, in particular on campaigning, capacity building, and community development. She has worked with the Refugee Council, British Overseas Network on Development, the Inspiring Women campaign, and Community Works, amongst others.

At The Colombian Coffee Company, Gabriela leads on organisational strategy alongside marketing. She is contactable for all organisational and marketing inquiries:





I roast all our varieties kilo by kilo at our Roastery at Flat Iron Square. The reason I love working at TCCC is that every cup and bag of coffee we sell supports the coffee farmers and their families to produce the best quality coffee; so they can make a great profit on their harvest.

I am a qualified professional chef, I studied for 3 years at Westminster Kingsway College in London and I have also been a serving Soldier in The British Army Reserve for nearly 4 years now.

I'm contactable for all roasting & coffee knowledge inquiries:





Hi, I'm Lujania: a passionate, enthusiastic, and cheerful Colombian who loves the coffee world. 

In Colombia, I've studied Graphic Design, in the UK I've done a BTEC in Graphic Design and a Diploma in Business Management (ABE exams)


I have joined The Colombian Coffee Company because of their tenacity and belief in changing bitterness for education and coffee seeds bringing hopes to the community.





Growing up in a small village in the West Country,  coming to London or at least a big city seemed inevitable. I studied Development Studies at SOAS University of London and I'm currently using my skills from different placements as well as my degree to help start a charity associated with the business. I'm the supervisor at the company and oversee the day-to-day operation of the Roastery and our stall at Borough Market.


Having spent most of my 3rd year at uni focusing on the politics of agricultural production worldwide, Eduardo's mission of promoting ethical trade for Coffee-growing communities seemed right up my street. I also love the hustle and bustle of Borough Market... There's never a dull day there!

I'm contactable for all operational and charity inquiries:

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SM Creative + BARISTA


I'm a recent contemporary dance graduate. I love everything movement because, well, everything is movement! 

I was lucky enough to meet Edwardo at a small festival and ended up teaching a few ballet classes to him. Little did I know that he was about to teach me everything about specialty coffee. On the passion for positive change alone, Eduardo has inspired me to keep working and investing my energy into positive change for Colombian farmers.


I particularly enjoy working on creative content for the team, including social media and videography.

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I have been a Barista for 7 years now, as the job works nicely alongside my work in Theatre, specifically Acting, which I have been pursuing in Bristol for the past few years. 

Having just moved from Bristol, I was interested in finding a job where I would be constantly learning and could feel apart of a new community. That is what the Colombian Coffee Company has offered me, a new community, and specifically one that strives to make a difference.