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Delicate and well-balanced; our micro-lot displays a gentle pear acidity with subtle hints of caramel and orange blossom fragrance, making it perfect for people who prefer "less-strong" coffees.


Maragogype is hardly ever produced in large quantities, making it one of the super rare coffee types. Very few farmers dare to produce this delicacy due to the size of the coffee beans, which also brings about its nickname: the Elephant Coffee Bean.


We managed to obtain just 22kg of it from Finca Santa Lucia in Vereda San Ignacio Vergara, Cundinamarca. These 22kgs are quite possibly the only Maragogype coffee beans available in Europe!


Generally, Maragogypes can bring floral fragrances with citrus acidity and mild sweet notes that can surprise coffee roasters and baristas. This plant developed thanks to a natural mutation of the Typica variety and was first discovered in the municipality of Maragogipe, in the Bahia region of North East Brazil.


These size of the beans mean the trees need more space to grow, leading to smaller harvests in comparison to other coffee plants. The branches have a broad angle from the main trunk, with very few secondary and tertiary branches, decorated with large flowers sporting elongated coffee cherries.


Now, it is mainly produced in Antioquia, the central northwestern part of Colombia. If you want a sip of the rarest coffee beans, all in single origin coffee variety, visit our coffee shop today!

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