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"The goddess of all coffees"

a.k.a. Geisha

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As the name suggests, this specialty coffee type from Columbia is simply divine. There's a reason behind Gesha's status as one of the most expensive coffee types in international auctions - and also why we call it the goddess of all coffees!


The flavour profile of these single origin coffee beans features a delicate floral aroma with notes of jasmine and rose followed by a beautiful sweetness that reminds you of papaya, guanábana or red berries. Gesha lands in definite cacao notes thanks to its pleasant caramel aftertaste.


Gesha (a.k.a. Geisha in Colombia), was discovered in Gesha, a forest in Ethiopia that has magically escaped the rampant deforestation of the region. It was brought to Panama in the ’60s and only recently introduced to Colombia - and here, it simply thrives.


Gesha is a delicate plant with elongated bright green leaves. Visit our coffee shop today in Flat Iron Square, London or our stall in the Borough Market.

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