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Borbón reminds us why we love coffee - it is simply a classic thanks to its low acidity and strong cacao notes. With a medium to strong body, depending on the level of roasting, it performs very well in the company of milk, especially with our single origin coffee beans. This one is for you Latte lovers!


Our specific micro-lot shows a unique bright apple acidity and sweet orange finish alongside the usual cacao notes of any Borbón variety. Farmer Rodrigo Sánchez, from Tolima, has produced quite a unique coffee. Borbón is the epitome of specialty coffee.


Borbón is one of the first branches in the coffee beans family tree. It was stolen by the French from the Turks in the port of Mocha, Yemen. The French took it to Bourbon Island, a French colony off South East Africa near Madagascar. The island went to the British, who used it as a prison for Napoleon Bonaparte - famously a keen coffee lover - and then returned to the French, who renamed it La Reunion.


Borbón is one of the most expensive varieties of coffee in international markets. You can find it easily through a simple “coffee near me” search that will bring you to us.


Borbón leaves are broad, round and wavier than Typica's leaves. The flat part of the bean is irregular and sometimes totally concave, and the groove in the middle can be large but not as deep as in the Typica variety. Some coffee beans can have a small and encased groove similar to Caturra’s, and their slope has a well-defined edge.  The larger beans are elongated whereas smaller beans are rounded.  The angle of the primary branch with respect to the main trunk is around 58º. Borbón produces more coffee cherries per branch than Typica but it has smaller beans. New plant shoots are a dramatic light green with a beautiful tall stance.

If you love specialty coffee, you will love our single origin coffee beans of Borbón.

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